Can’t Make Out What is Full-Stack Web Developer? Read it

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3 min readSep 14, 2017
Can’t Make Out What is Full-Stack Web Developer? Read it

From time to time interesting theme about the full-stack developer job had been coming up. Actually, what is a full-stack web developer, with work experience and what skills he should apply? What technology he should use. Now it’s clear what’s full-stack web developer. He has to write an uncommon application by himself. This means applying the frontend, backend, BDD, project architecture decisions. However, there are some unsolved issues. Let’s deep into the term of “full-stack” and consider how our team interprets the job functions of our full-stack engineers.

Full-Stack Web Development

Network. Server. Hosting.

Here we consider what can be broken and why. The full-stack developer has to understand appropriate using of a file system, cloud hosting, web-based resources and data redundancy. The next point of knowledge is application zooming taking into account the hardware limitations. The full-stack engineer has to detect the things that can happen in real world, but computer diagnostic doesn’t show them. The full-stack programmer has ability work hand-to-hand with DevOps.

Business logic. Data modeling. Database.

The full-stack engineer knows how to build the balanced relation-based data model with foreign keywords, indexes, views. The full-stack developer is familiar with NoSQL and knows when the decision is right according to the relation-based data base. If the data model is irrelevant, business logic will need the extra code to reduce all gaps. In addition, the full-stack web developer should have hard object-oriented skills and work experience with different frameworks.


The full-stack web developer understands that the outside world can act against the business logic and data model. The framework should be used increasingly at this level. The full-stack developers have the ability to write clear, consistent, simple interface.

User interface. User experience.

Full-stack web developers can create a readable layout and agnize the help they need from professional painters and graphic designers. Anyway, implementation of the quality visual design is the key point. Full-stack engineer is good at HTML/CSS, JavaScript (Node, Backbone, Knockout).

Full-stack web developer sees that users want the application work. A high-quality system saves the users’ nerves and visual abilities. The full-stack developer can observe all process with eight clicks and three steps and reduce it to one click. Such developer writes helpful messages about bugs.

Business needs

The full-stack engineer has the clear understanding of the ongoing process of software and what customer wants as outcome product.

What else…

Full-stack developer salary directly depends on the work experience, ability to combine all listed up points, creativity and desire to master new features.

In addition, the full-stack web developer has to write quality Unit tests, to understand Continuous Integration. Also, he knows about all security issues and application vulnerability.

Actually, the term “Full-stack developer” can be discussed endlessly. The full-stack engineer looks like “Super Soldier”, he knows all programming aspects, understands user behavior and customers’ expectations, and all the time improve himself.

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