What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is the employment of external IT staff on a temporary basis to enhance the information and technological capabilities of an organization. In the context of IT staffing, projects and firms will be staffed with developers and other IT workers as required. ( Wikipedia)

IT Staff Augmentation Market Overview

Market forecasts

SIA estimates that staffing was a $490 billion industry in 2018, mostly made up of outsourcing talent on a temporary basis. If we look at the staffing market globally, 42% ($185 billion) is in the area of temporary staff. The largest segment is the outsourcing of qualified talent in the IT sector ($69 billion), which accounts for 37% of the world’s total workforce.

Why companies outsource

In 2018 the global consulting company Deloitte published the Global Outsourcing Review. According to the research, traditional outsourcing limited to back-office operations has become outdated. New outsourcing strategies focusing on all aspects of business are becoming more and more prominent.
Large companies across all industries leverage the transformative potential of outsourcing and implement robotic process automation (RPA) to:

IT staff outsourcing by offshore location popularity

Companies doing business globally need access to expert IT support. That’s why many businesses operating in global markets find IT experts internationally. Today there are 3 main geographical areas in outsourcing: Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

IT ecosystem by region on a scale of 1 to 10

Things to Consider When Looking For an Offshore IT Staffing Vendor

In the previous paragraph, we analyzed the most popular regions to augment/outsource IT staff because of their developed IT ecosystem-Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. However, these regions differ significantly in terms of a variety of other outsourcing indexes like a number of highly skilled developers, average hourly rates, experience, and cultural compatibility.

Comparison of offshore IT staff outsourcing locations

(hourly rates, pull of professional developers, cultural compatibility)

Cultural compatibility of the U.S. and the main outsourced regions

Despite the effects of globalization, intercultural communication is still accompanied by cultural and language barriers. When choosing a vendor, you should pay attention to how their vision of business processes is similar to yours and how quickly your team can work well together with theirs.

  • Power distance is the willingness of cultural members to accept the authority difference of each other.
  • Individualism is the degree of interdependence a society maintains among its members.
  • Masculinity shows the extent to which culture is oriented towards success. A high number indicates that it is important for people to achieve results, to win. Low-the process is important; enjoying what you do.
  • Uncertainty avoidance refers to human attitudes towards future uncertainty. High-Uncertainty is a danger that is being avoided. Low-Uncertainty is the way to get new opportunities.
  • Long term orientation is a pragmatism degree with regard to future plans.
  • Indulgence is defined as the extent to which people try to control their desires and impulses, based on the way they were raised.

Staff Augmentation Company Soft Skills to Pay Attention to

Vendor’s reputation

After analyzing popular outsourcing locations and choosing a country where you might hire developers, it is worth researching IT staff augmentation service providers. You can start by checking the company’s reputation.

Work ethic

The IT staff augmentation service provider you choose is the company you will contact to deal with hired developers and to cooperate with regarding financial and organizational issues. Therefore, the decision to work together should be based on how effectively the vendor will respond to client requests, and how quickly and professionally the vendor solves business conflicts.


Before continuing negotiations on working together, it is worth wondering how they solve workflow difficulties, what practices they use, and whether they have had to deal with the kinds of issues that affect you. It is not always possible for a developer to fit into your in-house team and deliver expected results. Check out how the company deals with this issue and how quickly it can resolve it.

Capacity to scale team

One of the main reasons for choosing staff augmentation services is the urgent need to build up the team’s capacity to start/end the project. Although there are outsourcing regions with an extensive pool of talents, it can sometimes be difficult and take several months to bring on board a developer who knows a certain technology. Check how quickly the vendor can respond to your requests for additional developers. You should consider the size of the potential vendor and its recruitment capabilities.


Developers, in many cases, are introverts. They are technical people to the core, so it is oftentimes difficult for them to participate in discussions and formal communication. This is further complicated when there is also a language barrier.

Developed a working environment

The productivity of hired developers depends directly on the working environment. Make sure the IT staff vendor provides developers with the needed working environment, necessary equipment, space and infrastructure to work effectively on your project. Ask how quickly the vendor can resolve these issues if additional hardware, software, network resources, etc. are needed.

Types of IT staff outsourcing cooperation models

Typically, companies deciding to take advantage of staff augmentation services find three basic models of collaboration with staffing companies. That said, depending on the project, the parties may agree on additional terms and conditions and include them in the contract.

Extended team

This is a form of talent outsourcing aiming to attract additional intellectual power to an existing team. The in-house and remote teams work in close cooperation with each other. In this way, the client’s core team is reinforced with missing skills or experience, and overall interaction ensures efficient work. In this model, the client is fully in charge of product development and team management.

Dedicated team

This cooperation model is where the client hires a remote development team to build the project. In comparison with the previous model, where the team is integrated into the in-house team and becomes an addition to it, the dedicated team is a separate entity with already developed technical management and workflow. The dedicated team works full-time only on the client’s project and is result-oriented. Recruitment and administrative support of the team is provided by the staffing company. The client always stays in touch with the team to manage it, but focuses more on project implementation and promotion.

Project-based model (Outsourced team)

In this staff augmentation model, the client contacts an IT staffing firm, submits a project idea and sets requirements. The vendor offers customized staffing solutions meeting the client’s business goals, and is fully in charge of team building and project implementation from idea to launch.

Benefits of Partnering with Active Bridge

  • Our staff isn’t big, but all our developers are middle or senior level with extensive experience in full-stack development.
  • Active Bridge is a trusted IT staffing partner awarded and recommended by different industry platforms like, GoodFirms, and DOU.
  • Transparency and business ethics. We always guarantee that our developers are assigned to only a single project, meaning you’ll have their full dedication to your team’s goals.
  • Our developers have good communication skills, so you won’t meet any language barriers.



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