How Product and Sprint Backlogs Drive Working Functionality Early On

Why Use Agile Methodology and Scrum framework?

agile vs waterfall | Active Bridge

What Is Product Backlog Exactly? Product Backlog Explained

  • Developing and accurately communicating the Product Goal.
  • Creating and clearly and concisely explaining the Product Backlog.
  • Organizing the Product Backlog and ensuring it is transparent, accessible, and understandable to the team.

How to Create a More Effective Product Backlog (Our Top Tips!)

Filling Out Your Product Backlog

Using SMART Goals

Amending the Backlog as Needed

Product Backlog Prioritization

Short and Long Term Tasks

What Is a Sprint Backlog? Sprint Backlog in Agile Explained

What Does a Sprint Backlog Contain?

  • Sprint planning — Short sprints allow you to release working versions of the product more often and consequently receive valuable feedback and detect errors ahead of time. In contrast, long sprints will enable you to devote more time to problem-solving. The optimal sprint length lies between these two and is around two weeks.
  • Stand-up meetings — The team should hold short meetings (around 15–30 minutes) daily or weekly. The Product Owner, Scrum Master, and all developers should attend. The meeting aims to get answers to three questions: What has been accomplished since the last meeting? What are the plans for today? Are there any obstacles to achieving the goal?
  • Sprint demo — Developers take turns demonstrating the new functionality live and using actual data. The focus is on WHAT we did, not HOW we did it.
  • Sprint Retrospective — The purpose is to plan ways to increase quality and effectiveness. To achieve this, the team discusses what went well and what could have been improved in the last Sprint, and what to commit to improving in the next Sprint.

How To Design a Better Sprint Backlog (Our Top Tips)

  • Each Sprint should have a clearly defined goal.
  • For the team to be self-organized, we design each Sprint according to a well-defined template: number, sprint goal, sprint backlog with evaluation for each story, team composition, deadlines, daily meeting times, organizational events.
  • Our Sprints are two weeks long (the optimal length for a Sprint). Short Sprints are convenient and allow for much more flexibility. For example, a short Sprint means a short feedback loop which leads to more frequent releases. More frequent releases mean more feedback from customers and less time wasted moving in the wrong direction.
  • Once roles are defined, no one should interfere with the Sprint. Without interference, the team becomes self-organized, self-motivated, autonomous, and highly productive.
  • It’s essential to believe in the power and purpose of daily or weekly stand-ups. They’re not there as an admin tick-in-the-box but as a critical communication tool.
  • We are solely focused on demonstrating working code with real data and getting feedback from real users already working on the system. Anything else is counterproductive.

How the Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog Work Together

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Active Bridge

Ruby on Rails development house. We assist businesses in building products that people enjoy. Share knowledge about #RoR #Web #CloudSoftware #ProductDevelopment

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