How Ruby on Rails Aligns with MVP Development Best Practices

What is an MVP, and why it’s best practice to develop a product?

When people talk about a minimum viable product (MVP), it is a product management strategy that aims to deliver a product to market with the least amount of effort in the shortest possible time. The objective is to infiltrate a market as soon as possible to gather validated learning.

There are three core benefits to developing an MVP.

1. It prevents time-wasting on a product that nobody wants
Imagine developing a mobile app but don’t want to launch it until it has everything that users might want. However, once you launch, you find that they don’t want or use a lot of the functionality. An MVP that provides the basic foundation for the app could save time and money before looking to role out other features.

  • Ensuring you have a clear goal about what the product is supposed to do and the target audience.
  • Know the functional requirements for the product to ensure it meets the needs of the customer as a minimum.
  • Consider developing multiple MVPs at the same time if viable as an A/B testing style strategy to see which works best.
  • Ensure the MVP always underpins your overall business plan. While it is the minimum viable product, it should still make business sense from day one.
  • Understand the medium to long-term market to ensure the MVP is “on-trend.”
  • Ensure the product plan is well communicated to all stakeholders to know how they fit into the bigger picture.
  • Be prepared to adjust the product incrementally. What you think is right may not be right.

What to look for when choosing MVP technology

The technology stack includes all the tools, languages, frameworks, and other components required to build an MVP. The choices you make can directly impact the user experience and the performance of your product. The final product development is typically dependent on the tech stack you use for the MVP, so it’s essential to make some considerations even at this early stage.

Why use Ruby on Rails to build your MVP

Ruby on Rails is an open-source software used by Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, and Zendesk, amongst others. It is typically a framework for building websites and works with its own programming language, Ruby. The platform is made for fast programming, to create products high-performing products quickly. Moreover, Ruby on Rails is registered under the MIT license, keeping it open source and ensuring you don’t have to worry about licensing fees.


Creating an MVP is a pivotal part of product development to minimize the risk of failure. There are several considerations to make when planning your MVP strategy, and choosing the right technology must be a priority. While there are many options on the market, Ruby on Rails has features that perfectly align with the MVP development best practices.



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