How to Determine That You Need a Website Refresh. Checklist

Ten years ago your company invested in the site development significant resources, now you have got some revenue from it. This was expressed both in new customers who came through the site and in the ability to quickly inform existing customers about your products and services.

Anyway, as any modern technology, web development has frequent changes. Your clients don’t spend time with computers, now they travel with tablets and explore sites with smartphones. To adapt to new habits of customers, you should refresh your web site, shouldn’t you?

There are old school companies that don’t need to implement innovation in their resources, no question. For example, the richest company in the world Berkshire Hathaway has the website developed in 1996 and today it does the job well. It provides an annual report to investors and this is all.

So, let’s check why you need to refresh your website

1. High Bounce Rate

2. Increasing the number of technical bugs

3. Low page load speed

Even so Google’s mood isn’t such terrible as your attack on the users’ patienсe. If your page loads 4 seconds, but you competitor site loads 2 seconds, they got to competitor’s resource with a high probability.

There is a tool to check the speed of page loading. Chrome PageSpeed Insight Tool. If there is needed internal documentation you can generate a report with GTMetrix.

4. Google Mobile Friendly Page

5. Old design. Maybe it’s time to create something new

To get qualified redesign you need to ask help to specialists that have great experience in adaptive development and testing laboratory with real devices. Actually, I speak about the team of developers because it’s so hard to have the deal with a huge testing system on a big variety of devices to one specialist.

6. Is the website respond to current business tasks

If company process has changed completely, you had needed to think over redesign at the point of view “what benefits my business will get with help the website”. After all, all web applications and web sites are developed to adapt the business to new challenges.

Let’s sum up. Actually, there are a lot of facts pointing on redesign or modernization of your web page. It’s better to take into account all of them and not to get stuck doing the same things. Your website need refresh if:

  • Google Analytics recorded high bounce rate comparing with previous analytical period
  • * Google Search Console notified about increasing of technical bugs
  • * Page loading speed doesn’t coincide the users’ expectations
  • * You haven’t mobile friendly web pages
  • * Website doesn’t respond your business current tasks

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Ruby on Rails development house. We assist businesses in building products that people enjoy. Share knowledge about #RoR #Web #CloudSoftware #ProductDevelopment

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Ruby on Rails development house. We assist businesses in building products that people enjoy. Share knowledge about #RoR #Web #CloudSoftware #ProductDevelopment