How to Determine That You Need a Website Refresh. Checklist

1. High Bounce Rate

High bounce rate. Bounce Rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (“bounce”) rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site. If your audience hasn’t been changed in the last years, and you had had the increase of bounce rate, it’s the alarm. Go to Google Analytics > Aquisition > Overview and estimate the engagement audience divided by channels.

2. Increasing the number of technical bugs

From time to time look at Google Search Console > Crawl Errors. If you noticed the accumulation of server responds 404 errors, you had got to do something. For example, hire the developer to fix everything. But it’s not like to “mark as fixed” in Search Console, the technical website audit and explanation of every error should be provided.

3. Low page load speed

Google makes the favor for web pages that have comprehensive content and fast response to a web browser. He is angry when you forget to optimise the image size and provide a user with full of megabytes pages instead of bytes.

4. Google Mobile Friendly Page

More than 60% of search queries come from a smartphone today. Is your web page ready to changes? To check it is possible with Test My Site tool ( ). If the website gets the low score, it’s time to change the adaptive design.

5. Old design. Maybe it’s time to create something new

You know, design depends on the website business functions. If some multi-billion companies can use old-school pages, it doesn’t mean that your customers would be satisfied such approach. Designers should know the rule of thumb. If a user cannot click the icon by means thumb on the smartphone screen and font is too small and tedious for reading, that means you need a redesign.

6. Is the website respond to current business tasks

Let’s try to answer the question is your website responds to new business challenges comparing with 10-years-old deals. If the needs change very frequently and you want the web source keeps up with the times, suggest your web provider change approach and use RAD (rapid application development) technology. In addition it;s time to think about the implementation of a business process leading to the alignment of website respond and internal business needs.

  • Google Analytics recorded high bounce rate comparing with previous analytical period
  • * Google Search Console notified about increasing of technical bugs
  • * Page loading speed doesn’t coincide the users’ expectations
  • * You haven’t mobile friendly web pages
  • * Website doesn’t respond your business current tasks



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