Retrospective. How to conduct it? Six Thinking Hats Method

Why do we need retrospective?

There are two main reasons. First of all, if a manager comes with the solution “not invented here” phenomenon appears. Even if team members understand it’s right decision and it should be implemented, they haven’t the sense of property related to the solution. Such decision isn’t worked out by the team, this is dictated rule and has fewer chances to be implemented.

Goals and Results

The conception of Deming’s circle underlies the retrospective. PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). The aim of a retrospective is to get the change plan to its end. However, it has to be understood, this is the plan of the experiments to the next period, not the final changes. We tried something and then we examined what happened. And make a decision based on the results.

The types of retrospective

In general, retrospectives can be divided into several types:

  • A retrospective in the most general sense of the word;
  • Quality retrospective;
  • Issue retrospective;
  • A retrospective on any single issue.

What’s the problem

During retrospective, process dysfunction can be detected. For example, one of the dysfunction is: the team think that there aren’t problems, its workflow is well enough and there is no sense to improve it. In fact, this is not the case. But it’s hard to explain to the team.

Retrospective format: interesting practice

What is Six Thinking Hats Method

  • Pluses. What was good during the iteration.
  • Minus. What are the problems our team faced?
  • Ideas. What are ideas to improve our workflow?
  • Plans. What are we planning to do?
  • We haven’t had time to do this task,
  • Release was great, customer is happy,
  • … became to do front-end tasks, because guys didn’t have time.
  • If the skills of the team members were taken into account during planning, we wouldn’t lose a lot of time to…
  • If the interface was worked out beforehand we would do it in time

Summing up

Upon the results of the retrospective, the team should have the plan of improving on the next sprint. Every team has its own modernization plan based on the retrospective results.



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