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Author: Kate N. (Ruby on Rails trainee at Active Bridge)

Active Bridge specializes in Ruby on Rails web and software development. Ruby beginners regularly participate in internships to gain experience in our company. Recently, we have noticed a stable interest in RoR technology.

In this article, learn why our junior developer Katya chose the information technology career and what she finds interesting and rewarding about Ruby on Rails.

Why You Should Become a Web or Software Developer

Web, software, and app developers are in demand

Many people choose their professions based on availability, compensation, and popularity. One profession that fits these categories is the IT industry. From software development, website building, web systems, mobile development, AI, and ML, professions in IT are developing exponentially and offer endless promotional opportunities.

Since people cannot imagine their lives without gadgets and the internet, programmers are expected to be in demand for a long time.

Being a developer is interesting and rewarding

As a developer, you can make a lot of money; however, money shouldn’t be your only reason for choosing this career. To succeed, you must also have a love for your computer and for investing countless hours engineering software, writing code, and improving your craft.

Based on my experience as an intern at an IT company, I realized that good programmers must be fully engaged in their profession and always stay up to date. By nature, I enjoy creating something new, and I enjoy programming because it allows me to create products beneficial to others.

To be a software developer means you are not limited to one type of work

A career in the IT industry provides a wide range of work options. One can choose to do back-end, front-end, or be a full-stack developer. Programmers can implement each of these vectors in different ways and with various object-oriented languages and frameworks. Even developers with good knowledge of only one programming language are very valuable, as their greatest accomplishment is understanding programming logic and algorithms. With this knowledge, studying other technologies becomes easier.

Why You Should Choose Ruby on Rails Development

I was inspired to become an RoR developer while watching Ruby on Rails developers’ work doing my practical work at Active Bridge. When I got my master’s degree in computer science and I faced the choice of which programming language to start with, I chose Ruby because I had experienced mentors.

After having worked with technology for some time, I found the following positive features.

Ruby on Rails is beginner friendly

You can find many tips, guides, and tutorials for Ruby on Rails on the internet. These resources, in addition to a thriving online community of expert and beginner developers, make Ruby on Rails a pleasure to those new to programming. Communities provide technical and personal support for newcomers, reminding them that they are not alone.

Another important part of Ruby is its syntax simplicity. Because of its similarity to English, it is easy to read. The Rails framework is designed with the Ruby programming language, making work with Rails easier.

Ruby on Rails provides the opportunity to find a job in a thriving start-up environment

Ruby is a general-purpose scripting language. It can be used to solve a variety of tasks in different industries, but Ruby’s niche is web development. Ruby has become a popular language for creating web applications thanks to Ruby on Rails’ efficiency and scalability. Since Ruby is full-stack, you can use it to build an entire web application without worrying about building separate front-end and back-end applications.

Ruby on Rails has a positive design philosophy and work environment

Beyond the Rubist community, Ruby on Rails also offers another significant attribute for beginners. The community has designed some programming rules/agreements under which writing code is carried out. Thanks to these standards, each project is structured, bringing new team members quickly up to speed.

Ruby on Rails has rapid development and an open-source community

Solving issues on Rails is fast and efficient because of the already large number of ready-made solutions for all kinds of tasks.

Also, if you work as a Ruby on Rails developer, you can perform as a full-stack developer. In fact, besides mastering Ruby, I have also mastered HTML/CSS, Javascript, and more. As a full-stack developer, I can build a whole site without involving other developers. This ability is handy if you work in a startup environment.

Why Ruby on Rails Technology Is Popular

Ruby on Rails fits into a niche technology. Its purpose is to rapidly develop an idea into a prototype and send it to the market. This technology is one of the leaders in its market. Ruby on Rails has devoted followers, a huge open-source community, and offers many areas of growth. Ruby’s structure, expressive syntax, and developed infrastructure make it a brilliant language.

Having analyzed the results of the main IT statistical platforms, I can see that Ruby on Rails is one of the top 15 programming technologies. As of September 2020, Ruby is ranked fifteenth in the TIOBE index, which is based on search queries related to programming.

According to the Hotframeworks platform, Ruby on Rails is among the most popular web frameworks. Both back-end and front-end frameworks participate in this rating.

How to Learn Ruby on Rails

Learning Ruby on Rails can be tricky. It has more to do with staying focused than finding good resources. To stay focused and work purposefully, you’ll need a goal great enough to encourage a daily practice routine.

When I was learning Ruby on Rails, my daily routine involved waking up, doing my morning routine, and immediately working with Rails. Later, I took a break for lunch and worked with Rails again. I also practiced with Rails after dinner. After 7–8 hours of good sleep, I repeated my routine.

Why study technology

I encourage you to answer this question yourself using critical thinking. On a job offering site, type keywords (technologies that interest you) into the search bar and research the number of job listings for programmers in different geographical regions. To decide which technology to study, compare those results with other statistics.

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