Top 4 Compatible Hosting Services for Ruby on Rails Apps

Different Types of Hosting Services

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS/VDS Hosting
  • PaaS
types of hosting services | Active Bridge

Shared Hosting Services

Virtual Private Servers

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) Hosting

Why we choose VPS or PaaS

What you should pay attention to when choosing a hosting for your Ruby on Rails project

  • Make sure the web provider supports the latest framework version. The Rails team regularly updates their framework with bug fixes, new features, and security improvements. Your code may not be compatible with older versions of the Ruby on Rails framework. It’s, therefore, crucial to make sure the web host supports the latest build of Rails.
  • The web host should offer a scalable environment that allows for customization. As your application grows and as the demands for your product shift, your web host should be able to handle quick changes to resource needs. Moreover, you should be able to easily tweak and customize your server configurations to fit your needs.
  • The web host should take data security seriously to ensure reliability and prevent data leaks. It’s advisable to look into what measures the hosting provider has in place to ensure your application’s data stays safe.
  • To get the best performance out of your application, your web host should have multiple servers in different countries to match your locale and that of your users.
  • Make sure your web host offers quality technical support, ideally 24/7, to reach at any time in case anything goes wrong. Any downtime is costly for your business, and your hosting provider should work with you to get you back up and running in no time.
  • Your hosting provider should use a user-friendly control panel to make it easy to manage your web infrastructure. Needlessly complicated or poorly designed control panels can make it difficult to deploy your web app.

Our proven picks for Ruby on Rails Hosting Providers we use

Digital Ocean VPS

Heroku PaaS Hosting

Engine Yard

AWS PaaS Platform

compatible hosting services for Ruby on Rails apps | Active Bridge

That was four proven hosting providers for Ruby on Rails applications

  • Scalability: for customization of your server resources and to allow for frictionless growth.
  • Solid Technical Sport: to solve problems quickly and minimize downtime.
  • Secure Site Certification: for unrivaled security.
  • Money-back guarantee and/or free trials: for added peace of mind or to test out the service before you buy.
  • Multiple servers in different countries: for increased performance and data redundancy.




Ruby on Rails development house. We assist businesses in building products that people enjoy. Share knowledge about #RoR #Web #CloudSoftware #ProductDevelopment

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Active Bridge

Active Bridge

Ruby on Rails development house. We assist businesses in building products that people enjoy. Share knowledge about #RoR #Web #CloudSoftware #ProductDevelopment

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