What is It Staff Augmentation? An Efficient Solution to Extend Your Dev Team

IT staff augmentation services
  • Staff augmentation business tactic
  • Staff augmentation firm
  • Staff augmentation benefits
  • It-staff augmentation process

Staff augmentation business tactic

The economic history of the late 20th-century covers the worldwide events and casualties affected by today’s business processes. This was the time of business globalization and the advent of an outsourcing strategy. Сorporations aimed to increase the economies of scale by expanding new territories and diversifying production. So, corporations discovered they could get additional flexibility by focusing on the main advantages and delegating the rest of the work to vendors, who would make it better and keep the cost down as much as possible. Corporations started outsourcing the duties that were necessary for general management but were not specifically related to the main business, such as accounting supply, data processing, internal distribution, security, and maintenance. Technology development and the arrival of new economic relations triggered outsourcing transformation.

Staff augmentation firm

I’m going to talk about it-staff augmentation process and benefits based on our company example ( Active Bridge has been providing it-staff augmentation services for more than six years.). IT staff augmentation firm is a kind of go-between for the employer and the employee. Unlike it-recruiting companies, all employees of the staff augmentation firm are hired employees and work for the firm on an ongoing basis (A client selects candidates from the pull of IT vendor employees.). The activity of the firm and its employees are governed by an employment contract and existing legislation. So a customer applying to the staff-augmentation company for additional human resources establishes legal relations with an IT vendor, not with IT vendor’s developers (employees). The staff augmentation company is responsible for all the hidden work of recruiting staff, checking data, and paying salaries. But the customer is still responsible for the project launch and promotion.

Staff augmentation benefits

Our team experience makes it clear a staff augmentation tactic is a win-win. Both a client and an IT vendor get benefits from cooperation. Our customers have commented about these key benefits.

It staff augmentation process

As a whole, IT contractors have the same recruitment process, but some nuances depend on the financial specifics and the legislation of their home country. IT staff augmentation process at Active Bridge covers three main stages.

  • A customer sends a request with the basic requirements for the developer (skills set, knowledge of needed technologies and programming languages, etc.). If the customer doesn’t have any technical requirements, they provide basic information about the project.
  • After meetings or correspondence clarifying all project information, our specialists select the best candidates and arrange an interview with the customer. The customer conducts as many interviews as necessary to determine the candidates’ accordance or their replacement.
  • After the client company has chosen the candidate, it concludes the staff augmentation contract or work-for-hire agreement with the IT contractor. This agreement is contracted for specific tasks, and the IT vendor has to report all findings and makes recommendations directly to the management of the customer. Any written code or any intellectual property created by the IT vendor’s developers are the customer’s property. The contract also indicates the main provisions, rights, and obligations of the parties and their implementation rules and the procedure for dispute resolving.



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